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Could "Street View" apply to Corrections?

posted Nov 4, 2011, 10:07 AM by Unknown user

Google's "Street View"

Google's "Street View" is exactly as it sounds: a visual street exploration based on the location you put in. Ex: "Times Square" lets you take a little virtual walk through Times Square, from your desk.

This is a great visual tool for tracking down that new chinese buffet down the street; but what about for the Corrections and Criminal Justice industries? I can definitely see the power of this type of tool for Police Officers looking and scanning neighborhoods, or perhaps tracking certain individuals. But as it is, security considerations and privacy concerns haven't been taken into account. For example, keeping a personal home address from being found, or even knowing who is looking for your address. CTG: Corrections Technology Group analyzes these types of concerns and asks the question: "How could this be used for Corrections?"

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