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The next Steve Jobs...

posted Nov 17, 2011, 9:35 AM by ICDC Archive   [ updated Nov 17, 2011, 9:40 AM ]
This is a GREAT video brought to you by TechCrunch and the TEDtalks about a 12 yr. old Coder named Thomas Suarez.

He's developing Apps for the iPhone at age TWELVE, is a public speaker, and is definitely a "thought and technology" leader for his age.

Thomas is a perfect example of innovators and technology leaders that have sprung up from the much younger generation now being 'born into tech'. He's also very well-spoken, educated, and charismatic. Unfortunately, not every youth is a positive influence and looking at technology as a useful tool like Thomas. Watch the video and read on.
Is there a 'Thomas' In Jail?
Putting Corrections Technology into perspective: We have to think of Thomas as an example of what could be, rather, who could be present in our nation's jails and correctional institutions. In today's world of 'Cops and Hackers' I am grateful that Thomas has applied his intelligent coding and development to better our society, but we have to understand that there are those kids out there (unlike Thomas) that won't be so good-natured.

Corrections Technology must improve if we are to face the challenges of tomorrow's incarcerated coder or hacker.

If Thomas shows us anything (beyond all his amazing skills for his age) it's that the young are not afraid to dig in, discover, develop, and ultimately if they are angered: seek to destroy.

Don't believe me? Search Google for "Anonymous" and you'll see what I mean.

The Hackers of Tomorrow are here... Corrections Technology must answer the call.

CTG: Corrections Technology Group is on the forefront of this fight, and we are calling out to our counterparts in Technology to do the same. Only together and accepting and adopting innovations from those like Thomas; will we all succeed.

- R. Carnie Littlefield is a designer and developer of training materials and Director of Google Deployment at CTG: Corrections Technology Group.