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Tighter Security In the Cloud

posted Nov 3, 2011, 7:59 AM by Unknown user
Security and Privacy will always be a concern for people when using online services and in "cloud-based" services  where they store their data "in the cloud". This comes from years of trusting our laptops, desktops, and harddrive storage devices like flash drives and portable USB harddrives. The issue there is: what happens if that physical device crashes, is stolen, or lost? Cloud-based services provide "always-on" connectivity as long as you have an internet connection, which is great for when you want to upload your images to, for example, Flickr or Picasa. 

Apple's recently introduced iCloud feature is a great example of putting all of your entertainment "in the cloud": music, movies, pics, etc. can all be synced. The iCloud still doesn't answer the need for a full suite of applications that can not only provide "always on" storage, but also goes to great lengths to consider your security and privacy online.

The great news is that Google has been building and working with your security and privacy concerns into all of their Google Apps. From security features like 2-Step Verification which keeps your logins safe and secure with a special code system, to privacy features like controlled file sharing and secure online documents; Google is doing it all. 

Last month Google officially switched their services to SSL and Google Apps administrators can keep all services in the "Https" mode. 

Read more about Google's security Via Google's Official Blog.