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Simplify Communications with Award Winning Technology

Instantly Extend Voice Operations Seamlessly
Staff can be connected to any site regardless of their location. Simply say a name or dial a 4-digit extension and the Esnatech system will look at your calendar and location and connect the call live, or provide live presence/status information, so staff can leverage the best means of communication such as instant messaging or SMS.

  • Greater Productivity & Streamlined Processes
    Esnatech's Solution provides greater productivity, anywhere access and streamlined process with no heavy footprint, as well as the elimination of any custom configurations or integrations.  
  • Low Risk through Cloud Computing
    Organizations can take advantage of cloud computing environments without running the risk of losing any communication functionality that they would have from traditional infrastructure and solutions.
  • Unify Incoming Communications - Voice, Fax & Data:
    Access your messages conveniently from virtually any communication device, including office telephones, cell phones, PDAs, PCs, or any web browser – regardless of the incoming message type (i.e. voice, fax, e-mail). Using built-in text-to-speech services, you can listen to e-mails, voice mails and direct faxes – and respond to any message in either text or speech format.
  • Do More for Less.
    Leverage your organization's existing telecommunications infrastructure to support current and future plans for virtualization and integration of cloud applications. IT departments deliver more productivity, convenience and secure communications with a simplified infrastructure that streamlines management and reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO.)

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Unknown user,
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